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We Strive for Quality & Excellence

  • Leading provider of geotechnical engineering services in the State of Hawaii

  • In-house staff of experienced engineers and geologists

  • Branch offices in Maui and Oakland, California

About Us


Our Mission

It is the goal of Geolabs, Inc. to provide geotechnical engineering service that incorporates high standards of professionalism, ethics, and engineering excellence in Hawaii and the Pacific Rim; to provide a stimulating work environment that promotes teamwork, retains valued employees, is accident free, and reduces waste.

Our Story

Geolabs, Inc. is a full service geotechnical engineering firm established in 1975.  Our consulting organization provides the knowledge, equipment, and experienced personnel to successfully accomplish projects ranging from geotechnical foundation investigations to roadway embankments, dams, landslides, and rockfall mitigation.


Our company history has over 40 years of soil and geologic information and experience throughout Hawaii and in the Pacific Basin for use as reference on future projects.  We are based in Honolulu with offices in Maui and Oakland, California.


Geolabs, Inc. became an employee-owned company in 1991.

Photo Courtesy: AJ Santa Cruz
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We have an outstanding record for completing projects within the required schedules. The high quality of our work is demonstrated by engineering awards that we received for outstanding and innovative design accomplishments.

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